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Before the printing light after deep reason and solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-07

1, should need to adjust the ink time, of course, want to make sure the ink roller pressure is in line with the standard.

2, in addition to the series of roller and a factor influence, is the dot deformation, the end of each version of dot deformation is larger than version of head, the reason also led to a version of the tail than the version of the deep head.

3, maximum ink quantity in the right time, should be adjusted to depend on the location of the version in the middle of the plate on printing roller maximum ink quantity, the series of ink roller radial velocity is the fastest.

4, adjust the moving time, leave the most uniform that ink printing & packaging start and end, the deepest, shallow place on the reach of the concave printing.

5 basic performance, such as to adjust the ink time, may not have to maintain good machine ink roller, badly worn. Tear open come down to measure the diameter of the ink roller ever smaller. The diameter of the smaller directly affect the ink quantity, after deep light can also lead to the machine.

6, time may be a string of ink, is to readjust the ink stick pressure again, time is not necessarily a bunch of ink, the ink stick decrescent, the pressure adjustment is reasonable.

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