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Before printing group version of some matters needing attention

by:WenJie     2020-04-08
Group edition is an important process for graphic mixed, group edition, standardization, standardization is the effective measure to guarantee and improve the quality. Impact on the quality of this process mainly displays in: (1) words, pictures, color piece, gradient operation is not standard, make the layout appears too crowded or too loose affect integral aesthetic feeling. (2) the adoption of the resolution of screen effect and the actual printing & packaging house and color pattern differences in the visual effect of different and appear, lead to the printing & packaging effect does not accord with the imagined. (3) a smaller font size or fine lines using polychromatic sets and appear overprint double. (4) directly use RGB format group edition and make the image into black and white. (5) in the process of group version of tension and compression image and make the picture effect is poor, the output is slow. Enlarge images, in particular, the effects on the big picture. Therefore, group edition should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the standardization, standardization. As the picture must be CMYK format, the change of the image size should be performed in Photoshop, not to tension and compression and deformation, pictures, text block, color piece spacing should be unified specification; Word spacing generally do not change, the layout is beautiful.
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