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Before packaging color box printing plate making some matters needing attention

by:WenJie     2020-08-29

in the process of printing & packaging color box printing & packaging, because before printing plate does not reach the designated position caused by quality problems to happen from time to tome, light is a waste of materials and working hours, or lead to product scrap, cause serious economic losses. If you want to put an end to the above problems, small make up think the following aspects should be paid attention to.

( 1) Different kinds of color box need to spell it on A plate for printing, if the puzzle is tonal the same or similar products no spell on the same vertical position, there may be A product can reach the standard photos, B product basic close to standard photos, C product and slightly off color photos, D product with color photos larger phenomenon. Therefore, when the puzzle should be warm color attune, cool color attune, middle value products in the same vertical position, in order to print out the high quality product.

( 2) Puzzle as if the color box on the graphic part of the mouth diao, and pulling the pin on the is not a continuous tone image, is flat screen or the field, 'so it is easy to produce printing & other; Ghost & throughout; , the serious influence the quality of the product. At this point the graphic part should be put in tow tip place, so as not to appear & other; Ghost & throughout; 。

( 3) Puzzle also should pay attention not to save the film and to eliminate the color box product line, relying instead on printing and printing workers calculate diao mouth and the location of the finished product, this will greatly affect the production efficiency, also may be because of printing and printing personnel oversight, caused the serious accident.

( 4) Output of film usually contains no pull gauge identification on line, but if there are any diao mouth and tow shoots are blank, will give the color box printing position brings great inconvenience. To this, it is necessary to produce pull gauge marking line on the film. Those who don't need to be framed corrugated cardboard packaging color box, pull gauge identification line production to rely on body parts; Need to be framed corrugated cardboard printing & packaging color box, pull gauge identification line production in outwards.

( 5) Ensure that conform to the requirements of the printing film, film output after carefully check the graphic on the film is consistent with the photos ( Check the color box knife version of the benchmark as a line must be specification) 。

( 6) Ensure correct alignment between different film, this is because a film set, generally two output, its accuracy is very vulnerable to some objective factors. Output film once appear quality problem, should be redone.

( 7) Print should carefully before comparing film and proofs, if the film density of mass-tone attune slants big, you should add the exposure time when plate burning, avoid printing color bias; If the density is small, should be to reduce the exposure time when plate burning, so as to avoid network loss affect the color reappearance.

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