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Bear the surface of the ink cartridge after use ink and ink skin treatment method

by:WenJie     2020-04-18
Ink box after use, if not saved, it is easy to a layer of ink in the ink surface produces leather. When used again, deal with the crust is a more troublesome thing, there will be a lot of good ink will be jointly and severally to lose, is regrettable. In particular place for a long time of ink, there will be a very thick very hard crust, processing will splash out of many small, hard skin, more difficult to deal with clean, let a person have a headache. Now China carton network provides some simple and practical method of small: 1, when processing, first pour hot water in the ink cartridge, the hotter the better. One moment, then the ink will soften skin, more easily when processing and good ink separation and no splash. 2, printed the color ink into the cartridge and pour into water, so the next day with you don't have to go to the ink skin, a long time is bad, of course, this way. 3, on the ink in the above drop a little ink oil, just cover the ink, it is can be used with the sort of.
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