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Basic knowledge of print

by:WenJie     2020-04-13
1, what is the image resolution? Why emphasize it? A: high-resolution images than low resolution images of the same size contains more pixels, or more image information, and details more clearly, which is considered one reason for the output factors determine the image resolution. If a consistent image for display on the screen, the resolution of 72 pixels per inch; If the printer output for 600 dpi, requires the image resolution of 150 pixels per inch; If want to printing, need the high resolution of 300 pixels per inch. Set the image resolution should be properly: if the resolution is too high, speed slow, the amount of disk space is large; If the resolution is too low, influence the expression of image detail, short of corresponding quality requirements. 2, why need to have image file format? Before printing often involves several image file format, each have what property? Answer: image file format determines how compatible with various application software, file how to exchange data with other files. Due to the format of the image has a lot of, should according to the purpose of the image to save image should be in what format. Commonly used in the design of the image file formats are: TIFF format: TIFF image file with labels, in order to save the color channel of the image, its biggest advantage is that the image is not limited by operating platform, regardless of the PC, MAC, or UNIX machine can be universal. It can save the Alpha channel, can be stored in a file color data, is the most common image format printing & packaging file. EPS format: EPS format is used for printing and print, can save Duotone information, you can store the Alpha channel, can store path and network information. Is an 8-bit GIF format, can only express level 256 colors. Is a commonly used format, network transmission image usually cannot be used for printing. PSD is mainly as an intermediate transition of image file, to save the image channel and layer, etc. , for later modify again. The format connectivity is poor, only Photoshop can use it, there are few other application support, also cannot be directly used for printing output. JPE is both a file format and a compression method, this is lossy compression, loss sizes, some small to the human eye could not tell the difference between, cannot be directly used for printing output.
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