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Automatic glue machine use mechanical principle and the note

by:WenJie     2020-04-19
Automatic glue machine is mainly used in the electronics industry PCB anti-corrosion paint, or three antigum spraying, the main purpose is dustproof, moisture, insulation, anti aging effect, so as to improve the service life of the product. After its implementation principle is through the glue solidified into a layer of transparent protective film, in under the protection of the membrane, make from the erosion of the circuit board and related equipment, to ensure that electronic has been in a good state, and is not subject to the effect of dust and other cause a short-circuit. At present, the commonly used anti-corrosion paint, three antigum kinds: 1, containing solvent acrylic resin is three paint ( The most widely market at present, popular products) Features: with table dry, fast curing time, good anti-corrosion, cheap, color transparent, flexible texture, has the characteristics of easy to repair. 2, does not contain solvent paint acrylic resin is three features: the UV curing, can be in a few seconds to a dozen stopwatch dry, color transparent, a hard, chemical corrosion and abrasion resistance is also very good. 3, polyurethane anti-corrosion paint characteristic: the quality of a material is brittle, excellent solvent resistance. In addition to superior moisture-proof performance, and stable performance in low temperature environment. 4, organic silicon anti-corrosion paint soft elastic coating material, can be a very good release the pressure, high temperature 200 degrees, easy to repair. Problems in the use of automatic spraying glue confidential attention: 1. Paint coating on the PCB, connectors, software, switch socket, radiator, radiator area, flashboard area are not allowed to have coating material, it is recommended to use for cover. 2. Membrane layer thickness: the thickness of the film depends on the application. Large amount of diluent to join, glue viscosity is low, the thickness of the coating thin; On the other hand, the plastic viscosity is high, the thickness of the coating thickness. 3. Because anti-corrosion paint kind of glue often toxic, so in the process of spray will give close the glass door of the machine, make its operation in a closed environment.
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