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Automatic die cutting machine function is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-04-02
At present, the automatic die cutting machine of the technical level has been greatly improved, mainly displays in: advanced enterprise equipment die cutting speed indicator has N8000 zhang/hour. Die cutting accuracy has been achieved & plusmn; 1 to 0. 2 mm, most of the enterprise production of automatic die cutting machine with stripping device, and the enterprises can make holographic stamping die cutting and die-cutting machine, there are also some enterprises to manufacture die cutting corrugated paper automatic die cutting machine and semi-automatic flat die cutting machine. Automatic die cutting machine is the paper guide through the paper parts before sending your paper rules and side, again by tooth row to send paper to die cutting machine for secondary positioning for die cutting, die cutting by tooth row after stripping mechanism of service, after stripping again into the paper, so as to complete die cutting operation. The foundation of automatic die cutting machine mostly adopts steel structure wall plate, machining center, precision and rigidity are fully guarantee. Full automatic die cutting machine technical difficulties such as CAM intermittent mechanism, chain guide, diao paper tooth row has the independent patent technology and intellectual property rights in China. Equipment is widely used on the touch screen technology, frequency control of motor speed technology and programmable controller technology, has a lot to improve the stability and reliability of the equipment. To ensure the product quality of this type of die cutting machine, printing machinery standardization technical committee at the end of last century the country has formulated the relevant technical standards, including JB/T8161998 platen die cutting machine and JB/T9151999 flat hot stamping machine two standards, used to guide the enterprise production and the state quality supervision and spot checks. In recent years, molded into equipment, exports increased year by year, 2004 imports plunged facts have proved that domestic automatic die cutting machine technology in improving the user's recognition in enhancement. In post-press equipment, automatic die cutting machine development more mature, the use of die cutting machine matching with molding tool, die cutting plate maker, multi-function moulding machine and CNC bending machine and other equipment manufacturers in the production, this way of die cutting big batch, die cutting has been formed in our country mainstream carton equipment printing and printing & packaging & packaging products.
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