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Attaches great importance to the prepress design method to reduce the printing cost

by:WenJie     2020-03-30

how to bring down the cost of book is published workers concerns, and each of us as a printing staff should master plate making, printing, books and periodicals printing wages standard, know paper specifications, performance and all of the printing plant production capacity. Each do a books, need a overall design by design professionals. The designer must be based on the content, nature, by volume, the reader object to carry on the design. Books of high and low cost, is the important factor in books market competition. The following is the point of view of prepress design talk about the problem of how to decrease the cost of books.

1, the opening of the paper is

if size selection is not reasonable, will increase the edge material, the effective utilization of paper area is reduced. Side-by-side short line more books, such as poetry, with 32, mouth has a lot of blank, the incision and order more paper. If use a strip of 36 size, can save paper. If the size is too small, number of folding and optical margin or more material loss. In order to facilitate the print, use less as far as possible need not or irregular size, so which can reduce the cost of the print.

2, book page

in the puzzle of version, try to avoid zero page. Because in addition to a book again, there are other parts, such as four letter, the cover page, and sequence, directory, copyright page, and so on, and each part of the paper is different, the same type of paper in multiples of the total number of surface of paper add up to 4 is not difficult.

3, binding materials

when choosing the hardcover cover material, should be controlled using skin, such as cotton, hemp, silk, wool fabrics, as much as possible to use tough thing such as paper, paint, paper or cloth, in addition to the special needs, try to avoid with real gold foil for hot stamping material, available color electrochemical aluminum, etc. Instead, to reduce the cost of books.

4, printing process

32 open for normal or 16 open of single and double color books, print run in more than 50000 copies, general arrangement of rotary machine printing. Because rotary machine speed and printed books page has been folded, printing costs and lower than the flat press for.

about 50000 copies of the following books; Can use large automatic lead row, small eight pages or automatically machine printing; Laser typesetting can use B - B type two-sided offset printing, this is specially printed books and periodicals printing machine, according to the paper makes the calculation and printing; Or use the 01, 08 monochrome offset press printing, the offset press as single-side machine, according to the calculation and printing color.

use of B - B type offset press is lower than monochrome offset press speed and printing costs. Higher requirements for the printing quality of books, we should try to choose double color or four-color offset press printing; With larger field such as New Year pictures, books, front and back end paper shall be using monochromatic offset press printing & packaging, the printing quality is better.

printing personnel should understand the performance of all kinds of printing press and the calculation of wages, otherwise, can adopt the high cost of unreasonable printing process, make the quality decline, increased cost.

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