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Application field of silk screen printing and printing

by:WenJie     2020-08-28

a, small make up to introduce what is silk screen printing and the advantages and disadvantages of it, continue to introduce to you today, the application of screen printing and printing.

screen printing is very extensive use, no matter from the ordinary bearing material printing, special printing to high-tech anti-counterfeit printing ink, screen printing in the commercial print market plays a huge role. Such as integrated circuit boards, conductive lines of industrial products, metal shell, glassware, all kinds of special shape plastic products, textile and clothing, printing & packaging, packaging materials, leather and fur, prints, all kinds of office supplies and other printing material surface processing, etc.

especially in the field of special printing & packaging, screen printing play to the role of the other printing technology can not be replaced, such as with anti-fake effect printing, special process printing & packaging processing, etc. In the field of anti-counterfeiting printing, screen printing ink, light color ink, heat change ink, fluorescent ink on the labels, packing and quotation etc widely used. Special effects printing, such as common refraction, fog light ice flowers are often used in cigarette package outer printing & packaging, cosmetics and fashion products etc.

designer before know all kinds of printing & packaging and printing process, key points need to pay attention to all kinds of printing process, before we choose screen printing, need to grasp two key points: making the film ( Lin) And web version. The screen printing paper with film line number is 100 - 200 line to line. Film (release. it facing Offset printing release. it facing down) 。

in addition whether the llustrator, Potoshop or other graphics and layout software, text will be converted to curves, to avoid the loss of the font into text deformation, should be especially replacement delivery document to the output company this file used as screen print issue.

when making network edition, choose good quality fabric and is suitable for the network box has a key role on the finished product quality, the high precision requirement of silk screen printing, it is recommended to use imported screen mesh cloth.

net frame is divided into nature, such as iron, copper, aluminum and steel, wood net frame, the first to use is more suitable for manual operation box, but due to the water easy to deformation, after a few have been replaced with metal net frame. The most used aluminum alloy net frame on the market at present, with hollow extrusions, medium weight. Not easy to deformation, good water resistance, easy to operation.

the CTS is the English name of silk screen printing plate making directly ( 电脑屏幕) , and offset printing CTP the same principle, CTS is through the computer technology, to make silk screen printing output directly from computer to plate making of new technology. CTS began in the 1980 s, foreign by CTS screen printing has become so common. Due to imports of screen image output device is expensive, a lack of domestic development and application of the device's technical ability, so, so far, CTS in the domestic marketing is still in its infancy.

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