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Appear white plate crack reason and solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-05

a, dot bleaching. The main reason of wax into the ink system classes of surfactant due to poor solubility; After the second because the ink crust in the process of printing was not complex solvent and was transferred to the graphic.

processing methods: should join aromatic esters or true solvent, it dissolve again. Install a stirrer (or in the ink fountain Plastic pipe material, such as in its external use printing plastic film sets, then put two head tight in the ink head random rotation stir ink) , or at the time of printing & packaging ink manufacturing add antioxidant treatment.

2, dot points. The main reason is that electrostatic ink or substrates due to static electricity. Or because of the dilution solvent electrostatic ( Because of different solvents have different resistance) . In high temperature or printing & packaging speed. Before the second film QianJinHouSong or loose and tight, and electrostatic cause common in high humidity weather.

processing methods: can increase the antistatic agent (in moderation in ink Too much influence composite fastness) , choose resistance smaller solvent dilution ink, adjustment and grounding conductor ( Average depth of 700 ~ 1500 mm) To deal with it.

three, crack type bleaching. Main reason one is printing & packaging ink transfer performance is poor, the other is too shallow plate grain and is easier to make the ink system of solvent evaporation too fast.

general imprinted rough film defects, especially the ink system or ink fountain thinner, the addition of inhaled the bleaching of moisture and appear, mostly in the summer workshop environment humidity is too high.

processing methods: replace metastatic good ink or replace more deep plate, thirdly to slow dry solvent processing.

4, the whole piece of imprinting albino. The main reason:

1, in continuous printing time is too long, the operator found in ink viscosity change stick or thick, repeat to join a certain single solvent, to break the original ink system of mixed solvent volatilization gardient balance, cause when printing ink film rough, white ink layer.

2, operators even joined the mixed solvent, but too much to often make ink less, content of synthetic resin in the efflorescence phenomenon also can appear.

processing methods: one is adding 3% ~ 7% of the slow dry solvents, especially can plasticized ink and resist the intrusion of water molecules true solvent; Second is to choose dedicated diluents containing resin; Three is adding 5% ~ 15% in the ink ink oil, to overcome the lack of resin content caused by bleaching, four is can control temperature and humidity in the workshop installation of central air conditioning or use to eliminate the moisture absorption machine.

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