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Analysis the carton printing process from different angles

by:WenJie     2020-04-02

from the perspective of the development of quality of carton, corrugated carton printing must gradually to high grade, high quality and more color, visual effects strongly dot printing direction. Commodity packaging should have the function of printing & packaging not only, but also have advertising, to attract consumers, and achieve the purpose of promotion, and the beautiful appearance and healthy environmental protection.

to achieve the above effect, carton production of plate making, printing ink, printing equipment, etc are put forward higher requirements. Production equipment must be to high speed, multicolor, cutting accuracy, small error, the direction of high technology content. In addition, corrugated carton industry should also broaden its product and the service object, actively develop the micro fine corrugated cartons, supermarket goods, new products, such as, the honeycomb cardboard to the breadth and depth of development two aspects.

from the point of process method, after the offset printing process of framed, due to the pressure and too much water left in the colloid, make the cartons compressive strength, bonding strength and other technical indicators are difficult to meet the requirements of high-grade goods on packing. Flexo printing directly there is also a board surface uneven, easily lead to the phenomenon of rub garment board. Water-based printing slotting machine precision is not high, print quality is difficult to ascend.

to absorb the advantages of preprint, abandon the disadvantages of them. First using sophisticated flexo or gravure printing high-end color graphic equipment, to meet the needs of the promotion for the goods, then through board tile production line, finally die-cutting boxes, guarantee the strength of the cardboard, to high-grade packaging, has the function of protection and promotion.

look from efficiency, corrugated board production line speed of up to 120 mmin, meet the needs of high-speed production, by the high speed automatic die cutting tools and cutting boxes, has greatly shorten the production cycle, meet the requirements of the customer delivery date.

look from the raw materials used, the surface is advanced coated paper and cardboard die-cutting pressure is small, can guarantee good corrugated shape, especially to meet low gram heavy cardboard development trend of high strength, reduces the quantitative, save the cost. Printed in the two aspects of process control and production efficiency reduces the overall cost of carton, of high quality, mass production, printing is undoubtedly the best way.

screen printing and digital printing way can obtain high printing quality and visual effect. Simple screen printing plate making, low cost, can be achieved by changing version of printing & packaging anti-counterfeiting function. Digital printing way also can be modified by direct digital file security processing. But the production efficiency is low, cannot satisfy the mass products supply in time, small batch is suitable for printing, personalized on-demand printing products, or as the beneficial supplement of the other way, on security, special effect after printing processing work.

together, in the domestic carton industry, the three kinds of conventional way of corrugated carton printing applications are common, become the mainstream of the corrugated carton printing way. And new way of printed box, such as equipment, materials, technology, operation technical problems have yet to be fully grasp, large investment, promote the difficulty is also relatively large. But the cartons enterprises in order to improve the grade of products, reduce the total cost of the carton, to obtain the biggest profit, increase the competitive advantage in the market, the adoption of a new type printing system of box process is imperative.

from the carton printing process, the general development situation will continue to develop traditional printing way, plastic gravure, carton gravure and web offset printing technology to promote and improve remains to be seen, direct offset printing & packaging and printed corrugated carton production craft, the new digital production way also should cause our attention. Corrugated carton adagio direct printing & packaging process of plate making, printing technology as a whole should be improved, but with the continuous application of new technology, flexo printing method for its quality and efficiency will be manufactured in a long time to become the mainstream way.

each carton enterprises and users to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each production process, a reasonable choice process, in order to achieve the goal of low input yield. For new production equipment, also want to consider the technological factors, careful investment.

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