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After printing as printing enterprise value, create a new profit growth point

by:WenJie     2020-03-29
After printing & packaging is an important part in the production printing, abroad, basic depends on the mechanical equipment, post-press automation level is higher; At home, as in recent years, people will concern after printing, post-press no longer rely on Numbers, level of mechanization, automation level and digital levels are low. After the good news is, we see that the seal has become for printing enterprises an important part of the value, create a new profit growth point. And automation has become an important direction of the development of the equipment after printing & packaging. Printed needs from labor-intensive development way after after the link has been printed in the enterprise a large demographic dividend of choose and employ persons make Chinese enterprises for a long time to come cheap Labour. But now this advantage gradually smaller and smaller, and even, labor shortages, rising labor costs become a profit growth stumbles now, each printing enterprise has to face rising labor costs and labor shortage problem. Compared with pre-press and printing, printing is the most concentrated amount of labor after corner, this is the process by itself is complex and diverse, relatively low degree of automation. So, for labor-intensive characteristics after printing more deeply felt the threats from labor shortages. Is rising labor costs, while is stable & throughout; Postpress wages, and printing enterprises. From this level, for printing enterprises, especially the mainly printed after the printing enterprise is concerned, only from reliance on cheap Labour, to find the bottleneck of the breakthrough. Osmosis post-press automation level gradually improve 1. Post-press linkage line installed capacity increase year by year printing enterprise makes it more attention to the promotion of automation demand linkage line after printing. technology magazine in recent 10 years continuous observation, on the market by 2013, the glue joint production line of installed quantity reached nearly 1700 units, speed growth for more than 10% a year, only in September 2002 to September 2013 survey period is increased by 202 ( Do not include a martini and the number of aromatic wild two brands) 。 In addition to the gum line, in recent years, many large-scale printing enterprise are equipped with hardcover linkage line, hardcover linkage line can greatly reduce the manual operation, greatly promote the hardcover efficiency.
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