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Affecting the quality of PS version version of the material analysis of two important conditions

by:WenJie     2020-04-12

PS plate is currently the domestic printing & packaging enterprises use the proportion is the largest plate, under the China carton network to introduce two important conditions in determining the quality of PS plate: the original quality and quality of plate material. In offset printing, plate making is the guarantee of printing quality, only guarantee the quality of PS version of the plate making and to ensure the quality of the print. So, good quality plate is what key points need to be? Let us from two aspects of the original quality and quality of plate to concrete.

1, the original quality

the original refers to by the prepress output film or vegetable parchment, it directly influences the quality of PS version of the plate making effect. The original quality, there are two important indicators:

( 1) Network density

when Yang figure plate burning, site must have enough density, a single node density in 3. More than 0, the field density to 3. More than 5, film space transmission density should be lower than 0. 05.

( 2) Branches smooth

dot center density and edge density is consistent, so as to expand the exposure time of tolerance. Original clean, no dirty mark, it is best not to bring a knife edge and go all out stick tape the integrity of the film, to ensure that the film together with the PS version, avoid because of light scattering and weak phenomenon caused by the branch.

2, plate quality

( 1) Version of the base

version to clean, thickness, sand mesh uniform distribution, thickness, depth is moderate. Liquid photosensitive coating evenly, no bubble, no scars. General requirements sand orders, average depth ( RZ) In 5 to 7. 5μ M, average roughness ( Ra) At zero. 6μ M or so.

( 2) Photosensitive rubber

photosensitive coating uniformity, moderate thickness, both fully covered sand convex peak, but not too thick, the influence of printing & packaging solutions like force. General PS version of the coating layer thickness in 1. Eight grams/square metre.

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