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Advantages of flexo printing and gravure printing, the printing cost

by:WenJie     2020-04-14

flexo printing and gravure printing process have their own advantages, the advantages of flexible printing are: suitable for short version printing, or product design content change often printing & packaging; If the original design is simple, the cost of production is lower; Take up the space is little, less money, less restrictive conditions. Intaglio printing advantages are: high seal force, very suitable for long version live, can repeatedly printing; Print the image of good consistency; Can realize drum materials double-sided printing; Print continuously, without joint; Compared with flexo product, the visual effect of intaglio printing products to strong some, and quality is generally higher, so generally can't obviously aware of the progress and development of intaglio printing, in fact, plate making and engraving technology progress and the development of electronic engraving no film direction, has been largely improve the consistency of the gravure printing.

today, intaglio printing process has gradually from the past that elusive, want to rely on of its people to the plight of trial and error, in the direction of the predictability and repeatable reproducibility. Previously, intaglio printing using chemical etching method of plate making, due to the version of the consistency of the roller is poor, every time will cause a lot of waste. With the development of the laser engraving, automatic electroplating production line and light weight drum, intaglio printing consistency and ease of use will continue to improve and improve. image quality was not strict standards, the purpose is different, different applications, the methods and process are different, and not only is the cost of the process. But the widespread idea that under the condition of the same price, intaglio printing high quality than flexo printing; And when the image quality of the two phase at the same time, people usually can feel gravure printing quality is poorer, is defective or substandard products.

the cost of production: although printing for the first time, intaglio printing cost is higher than flexo printing, but for living is bound to repeat printing, printing after many times, both the cost of the poor will narrow soon. If the design of living within six months or longer after basic don't change, then still use intaglio printing cost is low. Live for long version, gravure roller life highest can reach 1 million meters, but flexo resin version of the life is only a half or less of it. In addition, flexo printing house need downtime than with intaglio printing 2 ~ 3%.

production cycle: intaglio printing & packaging has formed a set of strict careful work process, from the original design to grams Roman Lin, until the final print, customers usually have to step by step for confirmation. This will no doubt be long-term production order, increase the cost of production. On the contrary, flexo printing using workflow is much simpler, more direct: from the original design to the delivery is generally not more than four weeks. In addition, the development and application of electronic engraving technology is also a great progress, it can realize drum sculpture, many times and greatly shorten the process cycle.

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