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Adobe InDesign carton printing design tool is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-04-01

exquisite carton printing design depends on talent, and with the right tools to get. Adobe InDesign is such a tool, it is a high-end page layout software package that can work with Adobe carton printing & packaging art design work closely with other products of series of products. It is especially suitable for creating was full of graphics brief space, such as advertising or insert in the magazine. Adobe is using QuarkXPress InDesign challenge currently dominate the market, which has over the years by the end of the hear the sound of the competition.

the offspring of IIIustrator InDesign interface, from the toolbar, is widely used in screen palette, until a certain number of commonly used command buttons, are heavily from Adobe IIIustrator and Photoshop to borrow. Naturally, you can import from these applications (local 本地) Files, can also import and save the PDF file, combine the three enough to become a Microsoft Office in the carton printing design world.

however, due to the function has a lot of overlap, so people don't have to use IIIustrator and Photoshop. InDesign, for example, is one of the features of smart Bessel ( Bezier) Curve tool, and has its own automatic clipping command ( It can also identify with Photoshop and IIIustrator create graphics clipping path) 。 InDesign strengths, of course, is to edit the images created elsewhere, because InDesign tool set as its two other sibling powerful.

in order to attract users, QuarkXPress InDesign allows you to open the keyboard commands in the remapping of Quark and Quark file, but once opened the Quark file, as they are InDesign for existing: put them back into QuarkXPress format is impossible.

brief project carton printing design expert & ndash; — InDesign expertise lies in the carton printing & packaging brief project management. Will be launched when the writing board can only show up to 10 pages, but the page size is extremely flexible, can from 1/6 of an inch to 18 feet square. Adobe navigator panel is standard for document navigation very easily. You can open a document (at the same time Even the same page) Multiple views, and then to observe the effect editor, or work under different power, you can turn any page page so that when you need to make a series of documents with a consistent look and feel to ensure its consistency.

InDesign carton printing and printing & packaging puzzle engine will win the approval of the carton printing design professionals. You can choose single or multiple lines puzzle to set the row spacing, the latter showed amazing flexibility, it can consider multiple lines at the same time, then generate the optimal line spacing. Other notable feature is the framework of nested, unlimited undo operations, four kinds of kerning options, there is a very good check feature, it can be before you released the final results of the creation or to carton printing and printing & packaging & packaging machine before, whether one has all the elements, including fonts, images and color template for confirmation.

InDesign has filled in a gap in Adobe products series; For those who have been using IIIustrator and carton printing design Photoshop, it is a very natural supplement. It Adobe standard interface means you can use it to immediately. Because Adobe InDesign contains a Quark tools can only be seen under a version, the carton printing techniques and printing technology, so even the long-term QuarkXPress users should also take a look at InDesign.

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