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About the packing color box printing color sequence is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-09-17

in order to make the printing & packaging & packaging color box is more elegant, then press requires printing color sequence, today we can follow color printing printing & packaging manufacturer to get to know it.

we are actually the first screen printing, printing line, after the ground. When packing box on both the four color overprint the mesh of the image, and text, field patterns, lines, in order to ensure accurate overprint, reduce paper expansion effect, shall, first of all, screen printing, printing line, field again, and be able to look for the primary and secondary, difficult before they are easy. After the jump in deep color, light color. Due to weak light color ink covering power, on the behind dieyin, slightly misregister, also is not easy to detect, overprint effect is better.

if the white paper and cardboard. Kraft paper moisture content such as uneven, wrinkles uneven, surface strength caused by poor off powder, wool, can be emptied first printed a water in order to solve the quality accident when monochrome printing.

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