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A: what are the common packaging and printing processes?

by:WenJie     2020-08-26

printing & packaging and printing process design for commercial products and services is the most important purpose to shape the image of the personality and let a person remember, because of selling a product or service priority is first can be the purchaser, dazzling color image can be in the process of readers to interact with print visual arouse their curiosity and attention but we need to motivate them to buy enthusiasm, which will require further, printing surface finishing technology strategy of creative ideas.

exquisite printing process and surface finishing techniques are the most scientific and economic way, the same quality of products and services for different packing manifest the value of the brand and image and resulting in the value-added products and services, and most important is to be able to achieve these very good results. So what common printing process?


UV, UV uv-curable, is the use of UV ultraviolet light medium and short wave ( 300 - 800 nm) Under UV radiation, UV liquid materials of light initiator were stimulated into free radicals or cationic, causing high polymer material containing active functional groups ( Resin) Aggregate into not melting process of solid coating is a rise in the 1960 s, environmental protection, new technology of low VOC emissions.

digital way implementation: tablet is printed, coil spray, powder and transparent ink, and electronic ink color

traditional way implementation: after printing, traditional way

stamping concave and convex

stamping concave and convex, is a kind of special printing surface decoration processing processing technology, it USES the concave and convex mold, under certain pressure and plastic deformation in the printing & packaging substrate, thereby to art print surface processing. Various convex graphic and pattern of stamping, show the different shades of grain appearance, has obvious FuDiaoGan enhanced stereo feeling of the print and artistic appeal. Bump is the transplantation of sculpture art on the printing and use, the plate is similar to Chinese woodblock watermark using arch method. When printing & packaging, don't use ink but pressure for stamping the direct use of printing machine. If quality requirement is high, or paper thicker hardness is bigger, also can use hot pressing.

hot stamping gold and silver

hot stamping, aka & other; Hot stamping & other; 。 A printing decoration process. Heat the metal plate, foil, embossing on print out golden words or patterns. Hot stamping process is the use of the principle of thermal transfer, electrochemical aluminum in the aluminum layer transfer to the surface to form a special metal substrates effect, because of the hot stamping using electrochemical aluminum foil is the main material, so hot stamping is also called electrochemical aluminum hot stamping. Electrochemical aluminum hot stamping can be divided into: hot stamping, cold seal and stereo stamping. Hot stamping is most common among them, listed below are common hot categories:

flat iron: the most common hot stamping, white space all round, to highlight bronzing subject for the purpose. Relative to other hot stamping, production process is simple, if the quantity is not much use zinco hot stamping is ok.

iron of inscription: according to the requirements of the picture, the hot stamping and play some clever union, printing and bronzing. Process in the production process of alignment is higher, need accurate counterpoint to get perfect effect.

multiple hot: repeat bronzing twice in the same graph area above, need after many processing technology, but also must pay attention to two kinds of gold foil is compatible, not firm to prevent adhesion phenomenon.

refraction hot: hot stamping version, the main image and the background graphics lines with different thickness or as a separate, form refraction effect, emphasis on graphics line art. Usually use laser cut.

the three-dimensional hot: same as the hot stamping convex, but stereo bronzing pay more attention to hot stamping rather than hit convex texture effect, often use embossed bronzing edition, bump height needs to be gold foil surface tension can withstand the range.

die cutting line pressing

trimming: cut from unilateral to cut edges, also have special trilateral die cutting machine, such as the book binding and shaping can be profiled processing.

double crease crease a single marks, double positive and negative crease mark and the tissue paper with a single line, thicker paper to double line mark, fold and front and back crease are often used to pull more pages.

methods of mark: paper impreaaion nip back after die cutting, indentation line special cut marks left modelling, in order to highlight the key idea or design of products.

sliced: in accordance with the requirements for graphic design die cutting text or graphics appearance, is the most common type of die cutting, don't usually have very strict registration requirements.

the attachment mark: seems broken broken, seems even even, tear easily when they are in case of need. Attachment scar has two kinds of dot and line.

coated gloss

coated gloss: also called & other; Framed rubber & throughout; “ Sticker & throughout; Etc, it is to point to in a transparent plastic film by hot pressing on the printing surface, protection and increase the gloss effect. Coatings have been widely used for the cover of the book, picture album, book, postcards, product manuals, calendars and maps and other surface decoration and protection. Coated is a main technology of finishing.

common film classification quick print shop: in general, depending on the process can be divided into the coating, pre-coating film two kinds. According to different membrane materials are divided into two kinds of light film, matte film.

the most common membrane have quick print shop: cold mounted light film, the film; Hot mounted light film, the film; Cross membrane ( Also known as fabric membrane) ; Laser laser film.

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