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A printed cardboard boxes firmly is the precondition of packaging design

by:WenJie     2020-08-31

cardboard boxes printing products for us too familiar, almost everywhere in our daily. This kind of cardboard boxes for packing is good for the difference between them is box type, printing & packaging color, etc. At present due to the outbreak affects many of the foreign trade printing & packaging business has been suspended, reopened time is still in wait-and-see, although our domestic market demand is big, but for the consumption of domestic packing such competition is very big. In a state of apparent demand greater than supply. So this paper box printing became our manufacturers are trying to get a market share. As a printing design workers, how do you make consumers welcome customer's product printing & packaging? Is that we must consider the question. But this is not the main, no matter how exquisite design our major premise conditions to ensure that customers can have very good robustness, the packing of the products that we said the safety and protection performance is good.

cardboard boxes as some metal printing & packaging, need to carefully consider bearing problem. Cardboard boxes product is the function of our products, so want to combine the characteristics of the product. Understand the basic situation of good product parameters and function, etc. , can be the basis of the design. Box type selection and printing process and pattern is need to understand the product sales way and product positioning, and the use of the crowd. The reason we want to know before making printing product positioning is based on our needs. That is on the carton printing & packaging products produced what is placed and bear relevant factors such as how much weight can have a more clear understanding, such ability can be very good guarantee a printed cardboard boxes firmly, make people in the use process will not damaged by quality problems.

how to better ensure the robustness of cardboard boxes printing? On the production of paper quality excellent, the cardboard material and adhesive materials should be strictly choose quality qualified brand, so as to avoid printing test does not pass, break, wait for a phenomenon. This as a production enterprise of special attention. We not only need to responsible for our products, but also is responsible for the product to the customer. That is the quality of our cardboard boxes why 90% of manufacturers is far superior to industry.

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