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A line is the difference between brand shoe box packing and ordinary shoe? -

by:WenJie     2020-08-27
1. Select material, craft surface more refined

a line of brand shoe box packaging material cost is higher than ordinary shoes, generally brand due to price at a certain price range, thus limiting the costs. Don't usually use specified on select material is qualitative, usually adopts the general type and ensure the quality and price in the controllable range of raw material production. The first-line brand merchants although small, but in the long term strategic cooperation prefers to find large manufacturers designated specific quality paper production. Pay more attention to quality.

surface process, the ordinary card update frequency is fast, because young people market demand for design and production of old and new replacement fast, therefore, in the process on the surface of the select update more frequently. Finished product craft relative quality remains to be fastidious. For first-line brand, a long-term brand identity and an impressive creation can get a high degree of customer recognition, so pay more attention to the effect on the design and quality. First-line brand shoe is more of a choice of gift box type or some special packing box type, ordinary brand generally is one of the traditional open type shoe box. Here can see the grade difference.

2。 Internal protection stronger and highlight the

for the higher the price of products then its protective measures is also very in place, because this package cost for a product damage loss isn't worth mentioning. As we say can't be penny wise and pound foolish. And ordinary brand shoe box packaging product, though the packing cost is not small, but in terms of the overall cost may be less than 1/3 of the premium brands. Like some famous brand shoe box printing & packaging & packaging, for example, some will be inside to add some paper fixed, but ordinary brand could not. Waterproof mouldproof and guarantee the quality of parts, also can see the brand of two class distinction.

3。 Brand design more

we say with a high quality image of first-line brand of high quality embodies not only but only on price, there are certain brand effect, the first-line brand is not only on the design of the product itself is good, then there is the propaganda and promotion, brand packaging, therefore, on the shoe box packaging despite similar part, but on the overall brand design, to the customer with consistency and continuity development of sensory experience, however, in the ordinary brand, may be only one or two on the product packaging is a grade, on the other goods packaging are rotten street, between the same shoes as more have a plenty of the packing of the products difference is very big, let a person feel is two different manufacturers products. From this point it's telling.

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