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1 - before printing phototypesetter The working principle of 4 generations phototypesetter

by:WenJie     2020-04-19

prepress typesetting development has experienced four dynasties, each generation phototypesetter had its respective characteristics and the working principle of the different Chinese carton network under the simple introduction of the working principle of each generation phototypesetter.

the first generation & throughout; Phototypesetter, for manual phototypesetter, is an amalgam of typewriter and cameras.

the second generation & throughout; Phototypesetter, also called photoelectric automatic phototypesetter. Its working principle is: through the keyboard punch, in accordance with requirements of the layout, the text on a punched tape, then through the computer, after work and correct input system, automatically controlled by computer, the word version of the selected word, through the optical system, on the sensitive material exposure imaging, automatic typesetting system.

the third generation & throughout; Phototypesetter, cathode ray tube ( CRT) Automatic typesetter, also known as the electronic automatic camera. Its working principle is: the text into digital, deposited in the container or made into words in the template, deposit, electronic scanning ways in cathode ray tube Xing image displayed on the screen, and then projected onto a photosensitive materials on exposure.

the fourth generation & throughout; Phototypesetter, also called laser phototypesetter. Laser typesetting working principle is: with the method of laser plane line scanning, the helium Neon laser output beam, after computer processing of word, through the polyhedral projection lens focused on the sensitive material, form the text pages.

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